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Waste Management

Bio Life is the reference in the management of solid waste. The companies involved in the entire waste lifecycle, from collection to final disposal & makes its recovery a priority.

As a stakeholder in the circular economy, Bio life develops to innovative solutions to increase the rate of waste recycling and conversion into matter or energy. Thus helping in the reduction of carbon emission.

Discovery of Business

Waste Collection

Waste Recovery

Waste to Energy

Material recovery of Organic waste

Treatment of Hazardous waste

Dismantling and remediation

Urban Cleaning

Waste Collection

Bio Life offers collection, transportation and disposal of diversities of the waste categories like household waste, non - hazardous commercial and industrial waste, construction waste, organic waste, hazardous industrial and commercial waste. Waste of different nature is gathered in collection centers and sent to an appropriate sorting or treatment site.

Waste Material Recovery

Bio Life transports solid waste to specialized sorting centers. Waste resulting from the selective collection of household waste and non-hazardous industrial and commercial waste is sent to high performance sorting centers.

Waste to Energy

Non - recyclable non-hazardous waste is transported to incineration plants or landfills. The incineration process produces energy.

The biogas generated by supplying vegetable waste and dung at the decentralized CNG unit is bottled and sorted which is used as fuel.

Material recovery of organic waste

Sewage sludge, green waste and organic waste from households or the catering industry, the food processing industry or the agricultural sector are recovered at their premises. Treatment is either achieved through controlled composting or anaerobic digestion in biogas plants.

Treatment of hazardous waste

Permitting to their source and configuration, hazardous waste can be incinerated or buried in landfills.

Dismantling and Remediation

Bio Life manages projects to dismantle industrial waste and equipment which have reached the end of their service life. The Group disassembles, removes recovers recyclable materials, treats non recyclable waste and provides site remediation.

Urban cleaning

As cleanliness is a determining factor of cities. Bio Life offers a continues city cleaning service based on a performance commitment which includes the maintenance and cleaning of public areas, mechanized street cleaning services.

The group has also developed emergency services to handle accidental pollution on public roads or industrial sites.